The Ripple Effect
An on-going series of documentaries shot in 4k and HD across the globe. From Australia to Zimbabwe, and the northernmost reaches of the Arctic Circle, THE RIPPLE EFFECT has brought together scientists and doctors, authors and commentators, along with patients and relatives, to tell the stories of hope and discovery, pain and suffering which have defined 2020.

Produced with RMI.
My Name is Reeva
In 2021, the most famous amputee sprint runner of all time, Oscar Pistorius, will apply for parole, reigniting worldwide interest in his story. After serving just 7 years in prison for murder, he will plead for his early release on the basis of good behaviour and for a crime he maintains he didn’t mean to commit. The parole board will ask him whether he thinks justice has been served. The global sporting fraternity will offer their view on whether justice has been served. The people of South Africa will offer their view on whether justice has been served. Oscar will say – yes.

One unheard voice will say – No. Her name is Reeva. This is her story.

Produced with Bloodrose Productions.
Aqua Men
Identical twins, adventure mavens, and pioneering experts Chris and Ryan Wolff love to experience and share their knowledge in all things nature, science, exploration, history, culture, folklore – and, of course, water and its life giving power. Chris, a water scientist by trade, and Ryan, a political and social scientist, are embarking upon an epic and arduous quest to get teams and communities to restore ecosystems.

Produced with GRB Studios.
Join renowned psychic medium Cindy Kruger as she offers celebrity guests clarity about life events and helps them find closure and perhaps even enjoy when they connect with lost loved ones.

Produced with Fox Africa, Disney, and Netflix.
Weapons of Fortune
Join adventurer and military veteran Michael Scott and weaponry expert Alan Hunter as they traverse Africa and the world in search of famous caches of weapons, relics, and other treasures from history.

Produced with Rapid Blue.
Carlito’s Cooking Adventures
Carlito’s Cooking Adventures combines lifestyle, adventure and creative cuisine instruction. Our bigger than life chef will hunt and dive 80 meters to spear 100 pound tuna and bring it back to create beautiful Asian inspired cuisine.

Produced with Inflection Studios.